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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Voltage measurement of balanced outputs

“dB”    It is common practice to measure balanced outputs with unbalanced voltmeter. This article discuss how it is the right way to do that. Lets start with several definitions about the output levels. Definitions decibel Abbr. dB Equal to one-tenth of a bel. [After Alexander Graham Bell.] 1. A measuring system first used in […]

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Otari MX55 – Improvement & Modifications

   The MX55 is one of the semi-pro reel-to-reel machines made by Otari. The machine implements robust construction but the signal path is very complicated full of op-amps. This article describe the required modifications for the improvement of the playback and recording. The preliminary work is based on: full rebuild of the mechanism – cleaning […]

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Nakamichi Dragon – Rebuild & Improvements

Introduction    The Dragon model made by Nakamichi is one of the top cassette decks and it is unique with its playback auto azimuth correction system which improves the high frequency loss due to the azimuth errors in the records. In the past several years we serviced around 10 machines and made full rebuild of […]

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