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About us

   LAB2104 it the short name of the Laboratory of Embedded Systems @Technical University Sofia – branch of Plovdiv. Our mission is to test and implement new protocols on embedded devices. Our team have good knowledge and experience on analogue, low and high frequency electronics, digital circuits and microprocessor designs. Our embedded devices collects information from sensors (for example energy consumption, temperatures, humidity, gas pressure, etc.). We use middleware techniques, where these embedded sensors implement standard communication protocols (like Ethernet, WiFi, IEEE-802.11, Bluetooth, custom short range RF, CAN, RS-485, etc). Then the information is stored on external database servers for analysis and graphics chart representation. These ideas are useful for design of energy efficiency systems, also for real-time automation systems.

The Laboratory of Embedded Systems is managed by Ph.D. Boris Ribov. You can find some of the technical papers at ResearchGate profile. Our partners are small team from Hardware Group LTD. We can help you on the R&D and design process of contemporary systems for data collecting using embedded devices.