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Author: Boris Ribov

Reel-to-Reel Project @LAB2104

   Engineers from the Laboratory of Embedded Systems (LAB2104) at Technical University – branch of Plovdiv,  started a new project for developing of contemporary Reel-to-Reel tape deck. The project includes partnership of some companies, like HWGroup (which have experience in development of smart MIDI mixers for Harman Kardon) and Technocity (one of the biggest new vinyls […]

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Phase compensation in tape recorders – stay close to the original

   Phase compensation is a method for correcting the time problems on spectrum in magnetic audio recording. These compensation networks are provided for the record amplifier circuitry, also for playback amplifier. These networks enable the circuit to be optimally compensated for group delay introduced by the record equalization circuitry with separate adjustments for both operating speeds. The result […]

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Frequency response of original tape decks

  What’s New: 10 Jan 2019: adding Sony TC-K777 (MK1 – Sendust head), Nakamichi 680ZX, Alpine AL85 09 Dec 2017: adding Technics RS-B905, Aiwa Excelia XK-009, Pioneer CT-93, Pioneer CT-S830S charts; 01 Oct 2017: adding YAMAHA K-1020 chart; 28 Aug 2017: adding TEAC V-7000 chart; 27 Aug 2017:  adding a Nakamichi ZX7 chart;    The frequency response of […]

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Cost for Tape Decks repair @LAB2104

   The repair of cassette & tape decks is complex process. These machines consist of electronic parts and modules, also a mechanical once. Both needs to be serviced. The most common problems in electronics are the old capacitors and ICs. All of the capacitors need to be replaced with good ones for best final results. […]

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Test equipment @LAB2104

    The LAB2104 is situated at Technical University in Plovdiv – Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a small country in the European Union and Plovdiv will be the European Capital of the Culture in 2019. The laboratory specialize analog magnetic recording in parallel with the research on the embedded systems and electronics. About the magnetic recording It […]

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Etherfeed is a physical, Open Source HardWare (OSHW) website analytics tool. It displays data from the Google Analytics, Facebook likes data, hitcount and Paypal IPN Sales. The project is open source and the hardware (schematics and PCB CAD files) are also open. PIC Etherfeed – tickling your ego or statistics? If you have a website, blog […]

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Hitachi D-5500 @LAB2104

   The LAB2104 team restore some good analogue cassette and R2R tape decks. Maybe you know that the pure analog content sounds different than the synthetic digital content.  So, you can find some good photos of the construction of the Hitachi D-5500 model on Facebook page of the lab. It is really good machine. The construction is unique. […]

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