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StroboLPscope – OSHW project for your Turntable

   StroboLPscope is a OSHW project developed for education purpose @LAB2104. The projects implements controller for driving bright leds with quartz constant frequency and duration for both disc speeds of 33/45 rpm and 78 rpm (revolutions per minute). A stroboscope also known as a strobe, is an instrument used to make a cyclically moving object appear […]

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Etherfeed is a physical, Open Source HardWare (OSHW) website analytics tool. It displays data from the Google Analytics, Facebook likes data, hitcount and Paypal IPN Sales. The project is open source and the hardware (schematics and PCB CAD files) are also open. PIC Etherfeed – tickling your ego or statistics? If you have a website, blog […]

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