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Etherfeed is a physical, Open Source HardWare (OSHW) website analytics tool. It displays data from the Google Analytics, Facebook likes data, hitcount and Paypal IPN Sales. The project is open source and the hardware (schematics and PCB CAD files) are also open.

PIC Etherfeed – tickling your ego or statistics? If you have a website, blog or any other web service than the Etherfeed is for you. The Etherfeed is a small standalone network device, it connects to the Internet and displays statistical data about your website like number of unique visitors, number of page views, PayPal sales (SUM of sales via the PayPal IPN), Facebook likes for your brand / group and weather data like temperature, humidity for your location. OpenSource & OpenHardware project with kits available at: EtherFeed_Rev2

You can follow the Etherfeed project at Facebook link: Etherfeed in Facebook

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